Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Late Goodbye to 2012 and A Warm Welcome to 2013

I know that this may seem like a very late new year entry, but what can I do? My holiday vacation has been extended because of family gatherings and bonding activities. My computer needed some rest, too. So that's what happened:  I had computer problems and my schedule got messed up. 

Well anyway, it's better late than never. As soon as I found the courage to face the pile of work on my desk; I pulled up Evernote from the computer and started writing this post. I wanted to start my year expressing gratitude for all the blessings, challenges and experiences I have had in 2012. I know that if I'll look back; I'll find my much needed inspiration to get started with work!

Interesting enough; I remembered 2012 as a challenging but enjoyable year. Much like being in a roller coaster ride where one can't help screaming because of fear, but still ends up smiling after an unforgettable experience. 



Pictures from our Family Day(s) last year

I read a part of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and if there's one thing that I learned from it; it's the fact that building and strengthening relationships should be my life's top priority at all times. My relationships, particularly with my family, had been put to test last year. There were disagreements, a ton of them, but at the end of the day; we managed to win over them. 


My career as a freelancer had been exciting last year. I faced a couple of challenges, but they were overshadowed by the new experiences I gained as a freelancer. In fact, my role as a freelancer evolved from being a freelance writer to becoming a personal assistant. My managerial skills had been put to use, too. A part of my role as a personal assistant required me to hire and manage contractors. I even paid their weekly bonuses! And before the year ended, I decided to put up Happy Freelancing! (oDesk Agency) to help my clients with their staffing needs. 

I've always loved food. Last year, I started loving food preparation and cooking!

Last year had also been a time well-spent on figuring out my passion. I tried many things. I dared to think outside the box. As a result, managing life has become so much better. I realized how cooking can be both enjoyable and relaxing. I also found out that I'm good at events planning! There's just so much to do with very little time, and it adds up to the  pressure and excitement that I feel inside me. I wanted to fight the pressure and just keep the excitement going, but I guess a creative comes out best in the presence of both. 

These experiences and challenges led me to do better at parenting and housekeeping. Having a constant stream of work helped me support our daily needs (and some wants). My new found love in cooking allowed me serve good food to my daughter who now loves to munch on apples and oranges instead of junk food.



I brought home based work away from home! 

2012 had been a balancing act for me. I needed to find a good balance between parenting/housekeeping and freelancing-- a balance between life and work-- and I found it. It had been challenging and difficult but I decided to not complain and do something about it instead. I brought home based work away from home! I made both life and work more exciting by spending more time with family and friends. And now that I finally figured out what works; I want to stick it. I will continue to think outside the box though!

Christmas and New Year 2012
I welcome 2013 with a smile. I know things can only get better. I have plans. I plan to continue to strengthen my relationship with God, my family, my friends, clients and fellow freelancers. I plan to do better in everything I do. Life is better planned than left to chance, hence; I am confident that I'll be all smiles throughout this year!


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