Sunday, December 9, 2012

Coffice and Homemade 'Starbucks' Coffee

I love it that I finally found my 'coffice', but I hate it that it's too far from home. I have to spend P150.00 just to get there, and P500.00 for coffee, food, etc. Pretty expensive.

So though I already fell in love with Seattle's Best in Trinoma; I am still forced to explore and find a new coffice. I'm not close to finding one yet, but I found a way to improve my 'coffice' experience at home.

Terrace as Home Office

I now live in an 'unattractive' house. Our house was burned to ashes back in highschool, and we lived in a fire damaged house since then. This is not our own. It's my aunt's so my parents haven't really thought about restoring the house because they know that we will just temporarily live there. Anyway, my sister from abroad recently bought a house for my parents so they no longer live in this house. As for myself; I was advised to move out of my apartment and live in my aunt's property. I followed my parent's advice in order to save money.

First few weeks had been tough. I had no idea where to work! My old apartment is small and organized. Now I live in a house where there's more clutter than my own stuff!

It's been weeks now since I relocated back to this house. I like it because it's spacious, but there's a ton of work that needs to be done to make it a pleasant dwelling. I have plans of improving the place, but while I'm still waiting for funds to become available; I needed to find 'that corner' from where I can work with minimal distraction. This spot is the terrace.

The house's terrace is still in good condition. Except for damages in its roof (that prevents me from working in  the terrace when it's raining); everything in the terrace is just perfect. I've been using the terrace for weeks now, and so far; everything's OK. In fact, Isha also brings her toy laptop and pretends to work in the terrace from time to time. =)

Homemade 'Starbucks' Coffee

To complete the 'coffice' experience in my 'home office', I decided to search the Internet for  'homemade Starbucks coffee recipe'. I found one and followed its instructions to the letter. I can no longer find the original source of the recipe (this blogpost should have been written a week ago); so please know that this is not my own. Some genius blogger posted this on their blog. I just followed their how-to and the result was-- AWESOME!

This coffee is sinfully delicious. I had three 'venti' of this while working. I had chest pain after so I guess I won't be making this again for quite some time. =(

As a freelancer; I learned that what you get done without a boss around completely depends on you, hence; you need to be creative to keep yourself excited about your work and to stay motivated. It's bad enough to not have co-workers with whom we can share work-related concerns and stories; so let's not make matters worst by denying ourselves of things like a distraction-free workspace and a cup of coffee.

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