Saturday, November 24, 2012

Spicy Brown Mustard Chicken

My first post will be about food. I am fond of cooking (and eating!), and it's a skill I have been trying to learn. I want to serve good food to my daughter and partner. I also need to start eating healthy. I'm not trying to lose weight (not yet), but my visits to the doctor have significantly increased as I gained weight, hence; the baby steps to healthy eating.

I love Bounty Fresh's Chicken Breast Fillet. I buy a vacuum pack of it weekly. It's easy to cook, healthy and I can experiment with it. Last week, my bestfriend visited me and we cooked Lemon and Thyme Chicken (my late birthday treat for her). Today, I grilled them for my family.

My Spicy Brown Mustard Chicken is perfect with Bagoong rice and my Nanay's Palabok! It didn't turned out as the ideal healthy meal I planned (with Bagoong rice!), but it is definitely a dish my family will consider as good food.

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