Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hello Happy November!

I have had a pretty exciting early November that I feel like celebrating! I'm bound to do exactly that on my sister's birthday (Hey, it's free!), which is just around the corner. Oh, November is my best friend's birth month, too! Double celebration!

What is there to celebrate? Well, I just managed to recover from a dry spell, make friends with chaos and get back on my feet. There is a lot to be thankful for.

As a freelancer, work has been both challenging and rewarding as always. Failing internet connection, interruptions and worries about not getting a life/earning enough always bother me. These challenges go away eventually so I try not to dwell on them when I can because I have more important matters to attend to and think about. One is, of course; taking care of Isha.

Part of why I am happy lately is because I have already checked off some of my TO DOs concerning Isha;

☑ Try relaxed homeschooling with her
☑ Get her to attend a Halloween Party
☑ Transfer her to another preschool (She used to attend Day Care)

I spent the last few weeks of October homeschooling Isha. Not the kind of homeschooling where I assume the role of a teacher but the kind where I get to practice to become a real supportive mother. Don't get me wrong; I have always been supportive of her but I just realized that I wasn't doing it right. I seldom let her do things on her own. To change this; I bought her coloring and drawing books, which she enjoyed completely (I just found out that she loves drawing!). I allowed her to help me in the kitchen by letting her season her own instant pancit canton and stir our original recipe Yakult Tea. I respected her learning pace. She now writes A, B, E and L legibly. She draws images (not sticks!) of herself, me and her Dada. She insists on calling me 'Mom' (correct pronunciation), too. She responded very well to relaxed homeschooling. I am happy.

As a reward, I signed her up to join Jollibee's Halloween party. The purpose is to let her enjoy with other kids (I still don't let her go out to play. We invite her playmates in but don't let her out on the streets to run freely. I just don't think it's safe). She enjoyed watching but not participating. I wasn't very happy; of course. I want her to be as playful as other kids under my watch (at least for now). This is the reason I decided to transfer her to a preschool where learning is facilitated with a combination of classroom discussions and interesting activities. I figured this kind of school is perfect for her academic and social needs.

Scouting for preschools in this category wasn't easy. Many preschools in our locality are traditional. Modern/Progressive schools are either too expensive or too far. It is just hard to find a good school! Anyway, after two weeks of search; we have finally found our match. Isha is now attending preschool at St. Thomas Montessori School of Meycauayan.

These are Isha's pictures on her first day at St. Thomas. We knew she'll like it there the first time we set foot on the school. The environment is smart and friendly. Exactly what we're looking for.

Notebooks and P.E. uniform
Her daily uniform is still not available. I can't wait to see her on them!

Baon on her first day
She immediately hit it off with her new classmate/friend

I also love that I can get some work done at the school's waiting area. They have very comfortable seats and tables I can use. =)

Life is still not perfect. There are times when I still get thrown off by challenges like looming deadlines, clutter in the room and lack of sleep. What can I do? They are a part of my life. What matters is now. We're trying to be good parents. We're enjoying our humble, little successes. I never thought checking off TO DOs and getting things done can revive my light.

This is Freelancing Mommy signing off with a smile!

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