Monday, March 18, 2013

Coming Soon: Facebook News Feed Redesign

A redesign on our Facebook News Feed will roll out slowly in the coming weeks. The new design is expected to be more visually appealing; boasting of larger images for photos and longer blurbs for links shared. Options to filter what comes up on your News Feed will be made available, too.

Both of these are updates that freelancers will find useful in their networking and marketing efforts on Facebook. I personally love sharing photos of my daily activities as FreelancingMommy, and though the way photos are presented on the site now is already OK; it wouldn’t hurt if it gets better. ^_^ I am also excited to see how links would look like with bigger accompanying images and longer blurbs shown. I hope this upcoming change will translate to more visits to my blog!

For freelancers, other online professionals and advertisers, the News Feed filters are the somewhat tricky part of the redesign (We’ll surely like everything else!). With these filters, Facebook users will be given the option to only display feeds from people/pages they choose, and if they choose to leave you out on their feeds; then the chances of you getting your message in front of them will be less likely (unless they change filters).

All in all, I believe we’re all in for some great surprise with this Facebook redesign. The disadvantage of the increased possibilities that users will opt out to seeing our updates can be easily counteracted with quality and useful content. The key is to simply keep our audience in mind as we write our blog posts and share our thoughts, news and stories.

To see how it will look like and be on waitlist to try the new News Feed; click here.

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